Our Frequently Asked Questions

We are a licensed venue and have a Kiosk onsite. No outside food , drinks or alcohol are permitted onsite. 


 When will my Ride Time Start?

Your Ride Time will start when you first scan the barcode on your wristband. Your time starts immediately after the first scan and will open the gate at the dock until your wristband runs out. The dock message will alert you when you have your 'Last Ride'.

Where do I get my equipment?

If your purchase a regular Ride Pass - the equipment can be found in the Caged Area, near the dock (access to Kneeboards, Basic Wakeboards, Lifevest and Helmet). If your purchase the pro hire equipment - your equipment will be selected and fitted by a staff member. If you require help fitting equipement, one of our friendly staff members can assist. 

What can I expect to learn from attending?

You can expect to gain experience in controlling a Kneeboard (with transferring your weight and posture) - You can also gain experience in controlling a Wakeboard (using your Heels and Toes to turn and using the correct stance/ posture to maintain your balance). You can also expect to gain listening skills and the ability to learn from your mistakes. 

How old do I have to be?

You have to be 12 Years old or have previous experience Wakeboarding, Kneeboarding or Skiing; Our Learn to Wakeboard Clinic's are considered 'prior experience' and have no age limit - just guidelines.

If I fall off at the far corner do you pick me up?

No, if you fall off anywhere in the Lake you must swim to the closest bank and walk your way back around the mowed pathway. You must bring your equipment with you - A kneeboard weighs 6kg and the maximum walking distance is 300m.

How fit do I have to be?

The start is the hardest challenge to overcome. If you are able to do a chin up; you shouldn't have a problem. Keep in mind, Wakeboarding and Kneeboarding is a strenuous activity and requires you to use your strength to pull your around - and can be extremely tiring for some.

How much is Private Hire?

Up to date Pricing on Private Hire can be found HERE or give us a Call (3287 7777)

Can I bring my Surfboard, Disc or Tube?

No, you must only bring Wakeboard, Ski or Kneeboard suitable to be used on a cable system; ie. Boat Wakeboard has fins - cannot be used on obstacles without the removal of the fins as it damages our Obstacles.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

No, we are a Licensed Venue; If you bring your own Alcohol, you will be asked to leave and your alcohol WILL be confiscated. 

Do you have BBQ Facilities?

Yes, we have a BBQ; you must BYO Gas bottle and must provide a $20 bond (for cleaning, maintenance and security) - the bond will be returned if the BBQ is returned as it was found. You must book the BBQ in advance to your arrival. 

Can I bring my dog?

 Yes, however, the dogs must be controlled at all times and are not permitted in the Lake unless otherwise stated (from management).